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More About My Practice

My practice is based on the belief that a vital life force energy flows through you and through all living things. It is this energy that gives us life. I use my hands to deliver energy to your body, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress and anxiety through gentle touch. However, I not only transmit and balance your life force but I also pull out dark energy that is destabilizing you. Because it works on the entire self –mind, body, and emotions– these practices may be successful in all types of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Dreams, synchronicities, and signs are all messages from the inner and outer worlds that your consciousness can’t see directly, and instead, you are being shown through symbolism. Through reading these for you we can not only dig stuff out of the unconscious mind and piece together meaning, but we can also do the same with signs and synchronicities that are occurring in your waking life as well.

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