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Who Am I ?

Who am I?

I’m a former practicing attorney (fourth generation in my family) who has lived many lives in start-ups, politics, and as a traveling national brand ambassador. Through a series of powerful signs and synchronicities, I was led to energy healing.

So what exactly does that entail?

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The Problem

Almost everyone’s life involves a series of major changes. Birth, college (the transition from childhood to adulthood), your first major job, marriage, having a child, living in your first home, starting a business, middle age, an empty nest, and death. Inevitably obstacles appear that delay or inhibit the transition from one of these steps of life to the next. Likewise, trauma, whether physical or psychological, can occur at any point that can limit what we can do or achieve in this life.

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Sam Trenchi

Energy Healing 

What I Offer

I offer energy healing using a classic Reiki modality as a basis to help transition through those major changes. This practice also includes balancing and rehabilitating the masculine and feminine, opening the chakras, dark energy removal, and eliminating obstacles in your life.  I also offer synchronicity and dream interpretation as well as tarot readings, and I can suggest different approaches and modalities depending on your needs.

During the session, I will have you lay on a massage table while I do hands-on healing around each of the major chakras. Then I detect psychic phenomena such as messages from guides or family members, past life recall, physical ailments, or specific events related to trauma, which have dark energy associated with them that need to be removed. . Each experience is completely different depending on your needs. I share these visions and sensations with you so you can engage them and learn from them. I also encourage you to record the sessions as well.


What Clients Say

“I received a healing session from Sam about two months ago. Since I began my spiritual path I’ve visited many healers and healing ceremonies. Sam's session was so different from anything I ever experienced. The setting is similar to a Reiki healing but the end result for me was much more. Sam was using his energy to find and remove trauma in my body and spirit. The session was a bit emotional but I felt so much better after I was able to release the negative blockage. With his intuition, he was able to tell me some things it has not yet happened in my life. After the session, I was much more intuitive with my body and I started to balance out my diet and everyday habits. I highly recommend his service to anyone. I can’t wait for my next visit.”




2001 S Barrington Ave -  Brentwood  Los Angeles, CA 90025

+1 424 285 0575

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

-Yung Pueblo

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I am not licensed by the state as a healing arts practitioner nor am I a licensed medical professional.

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